Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Club Penguin Players Banned Forever - Membership Scam

Club Penguin Membership Alert

Today I'm writing a special post to acknowledge a recent issue which has caught my attention. A lot of players have recently been banned from their favorite online game, Club Penguin. All of them are banned — forever — even though some have never been banned once before. They all were following the Club Penguin rules, or so they thought.

Once they called Club Penguin Support to see what happened, they were told they were banned forever due to "Unauthorized Purchase". You see, these players, and many others, bought memberships from a site that was selling them for a lower price. They were buying 6 Month memberships for the price of 1 Month, awesome right?! But it was too good to be true.

The site which these discounted memberships where being sold from got these memberships illegally. They were using stolen credit cards to purchase memberships, then reselling them on the internet to victims who thought the memberships were bought safely from Club Penguin (as it was stated on their site). Once these stolen credit card memberships were linked to your Club Penguin account, it was a matter of days before your account got banned forever, since Club Penguin has a zero tolerance policy on unauthorized purchases.

The worst part of all this is having to see players being punished for actions which they did not intend for. Some players even bought several discounted memberships and gifted them to their friends, who where also banned forever! All these players where simple victims of a scam, as they had no way to ever think these memberships where bought in wrongful manner from a trusted-looking site. The reason I'm writing this is to share some knowledge with all you other readers, and to remind everyone that the only permitted and safe place to purchase a membership is from or in-store membership cards.

If you were a victim of this fraud, loosing your valued Club Penguin account forever is a very heartbreaking and stressful situation. I encourage you to call Club Penguin support and explain your situation as clearly as possible. If a member of the Club Penguin team is reading this, I hope you understand this delicate situation that many players are facing, and to lift forever bans on many of these victims. I hope both players and the Club Penguin team can learn from this situation and continue moving forward in building a safer playing experience.

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  1. That is very sad!! I feel so bad for everyone affected by this. I hope Club Penguin will be understanding. What if people had membership giveaways as a fun contest and got them from here and affected other penguins! This is just a sad story ;(

  2. If think they do that cause they think disney is unfair.
    Cause members get more stuff. Disney Wants MONEY!!

  3. So sad for them who got banned