Sunday, August 3, 2014

Club Penguin Sasquatch Mascot Coming Soon?!

There has been much talk about a new character coming to Club Penguin very soon... and after hours of searching, hidden deep inside Club Penguin's files, we have finally discovered some clues! Take a look at this Sasquatch-like creature:

Club Penguin Sasquatch

Hmm, how interesting is that! If you look at the character carefully, you will notice a Beta Hat on his head. What do you think this could mean? Is he a Sasquatch penguin that has been on Club Penguin since the Beta Party and has been in hiding since?

Club Penguin Sasquatch

I personally believe the character has to do with one of the upcoming parties, or the secret cave that can be viewed through the Ski Hill.

Club Penguin Sasquatch

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