Friday, September 19, 2014

Kingdom Island – A wonderful online virtual world!

Check out this great new virtual world, Kingdom Island! Customize your dragon, meet new friends, explore the land, post on your feed, and play great games! Different than other virtual worlds, Kingdom Island is focused around meeting new users and creating a great social environment to hang out in regardless of age!

Users aren't limited to playing Kingdom Island on their computer either; it’s available on iOS and Android devices as well! Take Kingdom Island with you anywhere!

Parties are frequent on the island, users love to dress up and hang out in the harbor! During major holidays, most of the rooms are decorated! Accessories to customize your dragon include hats, hairstyles, shoes and a large choice of clothing items that offer enough variety so you can create your own unique look to share with others.

There are many great features for you to check out; registration is easy, playing games are challenging, posting to your feed is a blast, and meeting new dragons is fun! Kingdom Island is a great way to keep connected in a safe, online virtual world. Be sure to check it out and download the app! It’s free!

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