Monday, March 30, 2015

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Confirmed for April

Recently, rumors have circled their way around the community speculating what April's party will be. The team has given us some hints, but to top it all off, Megg recently confirmed that April's party will be a Frozen themed party during an online meet-up!

In addition to Megg confirming this event, Polo Field mentioned on a post he wrote that he has a fever. If you are unaware, Disney launched a Frozen short titled "Frozen Fever" on March 13.

This gets me thinking a "Frozen Fever" party will take place, but if you're not convinced, Trainman1405 dug out a Frozen Fever catalog description code referring to "New Frozen Fever Items."

If that's not enough evidence, I don't know what is! Tell me in the comments below whether you are excited for this party or not.

Thank you Trainman1405 and Riyita for the tips.

—Icey Jot Pop


  1. hope your right!!! #FROZEN!

  2. I really am NOT excited for the party.
    I really don't like Frozen that much.
    Why does Disney need to bring that
    up it happened in 2013 or 2012.

  3. Cena12121,

    I am concerned about club penguins popularity! Google trends says its going down and servers are rarely full that used to be full around the clock, like abominable. many bloggers have quit. What is your prognosis?

    -Concerned Club penguin fan and fan

  4. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Frozen Fever and it was awesome. I cant wait for Frozen 2