Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thanks for the adventure, waddle on!

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Club Penguin closed its doors to a virtual world which has been running for 12 years... and what a journey it has been!

I created this blog when I was on summer break in 2007. I originally built it so that my friends and I had a place to share our Club Penguin adventures. Never would have I thought that this journey would reach tens of millions of kids from all corners of the world. I recently dug up some stats on this site, and the numbers blew my mind:

Like most, I discovered Club Penguin in the early years of middle school and feel in love with the adventures, mini games, and those adorable waddling penguins. I believe Club Penguin was so exciting because it was the first true "social media" that most of us experienced on the internet, long before Facebook or Twitter. It was connecting kids from all over the planet and placing us in one adventure to build and learn together.

Over the years, many friends and memories were made in the game, but even more outside of it. Building this site unleashed so many of my passions and taught me a handful of new skills. From coding to graphic design and even online marketing, the skills I learned allowed me to start other projects and even helped me to decide what I want to study in school.

It has been ten years since my first post on this site (that's half of my lifetime!!). Even though I actively stopped playing the game a few years back, I have always tried to keep the site up-to-date for the strong community for which we have built. That's why I plan to keep this site open for as long as I can, so you guys can come back and look through the memories.

I've learned how important is to explore more, learn more, and build more. Whether you're a younger fan continuing your adventures in CPI, or an ex-reader who may now be graduating from college, today can be the day to explore something new, search Google to teach yourself new skills, or build out your ideas.

Our generation has all the resources we need clicks away from our fingertips. So go learn, create, and build; the world is waiting.

You can stay connected with me on Twitter. I hope to hear about your future adventures!

Thanks for everything. Signing off,



  1. Every journey must come to an end. Thanks for everything.

  2. aww this made me cry thanks for all the help and memories!
    Signing off,

  3. omgg stop i just get so emotional thinking of the good old memories all of us remember on Club Penguin. Thanks for having this website and thanks for the encouragement
    Now and Forever I will waddle on
    Signing off Blue Blue 62

  4. Cena12121, I am renfrew100, you probably don't know me but im about to graduate highschool. i just heard of club penguin shutting off and was deeply saddened. I was a fan of you for a while and a major club penguin supporter back then. You inspired me to make a website too! Thanks for everything, and your little "parties" back then!