Club Penguin Book Codes

Club Penguin book codes are from real Club Penguin books that you can buy in stores or even find in your local library! Just like how you can get coins and items from unlocking codes, you can do the same with books! Luckily for you, you don't have to go out and purchase all the books to get their codes, I've collected the answers for hundreds of Club Penguin book code cheats!

Unlock Club Penguin book codes

To unlock a book code, you must log into Club Penguin and go to the unlock items online page. Click "I have a book" and choose a book. You can only unlock a book once, but there are many different questions they can ask you, so you must find your specific question from the lists we have. If you don't find your question, click "Back" then click on your book again to get a new question.

More Club Penguin book codes are on the way!

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