Club Penguin Mission Cheats & Mission Walkthrough!

Club Penguin missions are only available to agents. If you want to become an agent, click here.

In missions, you solve problems around Club Penguin. Some missions are fun and easy, like finding Aunt Arctic's missing puffles, while in other missions you have to save Club Penguin from Herbert the bear and Klutzy the crab, who are trying to destroy the island!

To start a mission:

Step 1. Go to the Elite Penguin Force command room.
Step 2. Enter the Tube Transporter to go to the VR Room.

Step 3. Click on the missions folder.

Missions found! Pick one and begin your adventure.

For help on any mission, we got you covered! Choose a mission from the list below, and you will get a full, step-by-step cheat guide to solve it!

P.S.A. Mission Cheat Guides:

Good luck with your missions, agent!

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