Thursday, January 14, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 3 Cheats - "Case of the Missing Coins" Walkthrough!

Club Penguin Mission 3 Cheats

This is our Club Penguin Missions 3 cheat guide for the "Case of the Missing Coins." This Mission 3 walkthrough has step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures for how to do Mission 3!

Step 1. Click on the Rookie (green penguin). Talk to him and wait till he closes the vault.

Step 2. Ask him to open the vault back up. The vault is now stuck. Go to the “Office”.

Step 3. Click under the couch.

Step 4. Put the paper clip and the computer disk in your inventory.

Step 5. Click on the computer.

Step 6. Inset the computer disk into the PC.

Step 7. Turn on the computer.

Step 8. When is starts, click on “My Files”, then “Combination_Number”.

Step 9. Write down the combination number for the vault. Exit the computer then head back downstairs to the Gift Shop.

Step 10. Click on the vault.

Step 11. Enter the combination number that you wrote down. Click confirm.

Step 12. The vault should now open. If it didn’t, then you entered a wrong combination number. Now, enter the vault.

Step 13. Click on the coins.

Step 14. Your spy phone should now ring, click on it.

Step 15. Read the message from Gary. Then click on your Spy Phone from your inventory, and then click on “Visit HQ”.

Step 16. Click on Gary.

Step 17. Tell him that you want to watch the video. Now, click on the TV screen.

Step 18. Once you’re down watching, exit the screen. Talk to Gary and ask him if he has any suggestions.

Step 19. Click on the opened cabinet.

Step 20. Click on the upper left key and put it into your inventory.

Step 21. Exit the cabinet and click on the flash light, add it into your inventory.

Step 22. Go to the Gift Shop, then upstairs into the Office. Put the key on the door that leads to the roof.

Step 23. Enter the roof.

Step 24. Open your Spy Phone, click on “Tools”, and get your wrench.

Step 25. Put the wrench on the “Powa Box”.

Step 26. Click on the “Powa Box”.

Step 27. Get your paperclip out of your inventor and put it into the “Powa Box”.

Step 28. Click on the white fur and add it into your inventory.

Step 29. Now, go to the Town. Click on the brown, crying penguin. Tell him that you can fix the problem.

Step 30. Enter the Night Club. Take the flash light out of your inventory.

Step 31. Enter the secret passage way leading to the Boiler Room.

Step 32. Find and click on the “Fuse Box”.

Step 33. You have to turn all of the lights green. For help, click on the “Instructions” paper or do what I do-just keep clicking on random lights until they all turn green. ;-)

Step 34. Once there all green, exit the Fuse Box.

Step 35. Go to the HQ and click on Gary.

Step 36. Give Gary the white fur.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed mission 3, “Case of the Missing Coins”! Get your medal and your prize!

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  1. you can play ice bricks!!! go to the computer and boot disc put in then click ice_bricks


  2. it wont work for me there is no crying boy

  3. Hey Cena! im a real big fan and i want to know how u can have so many links around the site? beacause im only aloud to have 10 diff pages and u have around 20 or more! how can i do this?

  4. i used this tracker for the case of the missing coins thanks cena from lizzy1260

  5. a key to the fuse box is try to get them all red first then it's easy from there

  6. i cant find crying penguin

  7. i got a comment it doesent tell you were the flash light is

  8. i can make the fusebox full red oly not full green

  9. thnx cena12121

  10. thank u cheats it really helped now i can gets gifts and medals thank you

  11. Another easy way is to get all the corners green, then make sure no other fuses are green and press the center dot. Then the fuse box will be totally green! :)
    ~ Ember Wing (please add me)

  12. I dont have the paperclip

  13. Hey! I can't get my badge an pin! it is unfair how can i get it?

  14. cant get the lights

  15. i think cp changed the original missions or this guide is wrong cause in the town i find NO penguin crying and i cant go into the fuse box

  16. I cant find the crying penguin! I cant even open the fuse box


  18. thanks that's was really good it a great help

  19. thanks that was a great help it is fun to do it

  20. tell us how long it takes to make the buttonns green