Monday, July 7, 2014

Club Penguin Find Four Cheats & Tips!

Club Penguin Find Four Cheats

Find Four is a popular game played in real life, but you can also play it on Club Penguin. I'll show you my tips on how to win at Find Four.

Where is the Find Four game?

Club Penguin Find Four Ski Lodge Cheats

You can play Find Four by going to the Ski Village and entering the Ski Lodge. In the Ski Lodge, click on the game to start. You can also locate more Find Four stations if you go upstairs to the Lodge Attic.

How do I play Find Four?

Club Penguin Find Four Direction Cheats
  • Use your mouse to guide the chip into a row, then click to drop it.
  • Your goal is to connect a row of 4 chips.
  • Winners earn 10 coins, and if you lose you earn 5 coins.

TIPS: How to win at Find Four

Club Penguin Find Four how to win cheats
  • Starting in the middle gives you the most openings to play with.
  • Establish around your first chip.
  • Have a sharp eye so you can block your opponent.
  • Be tricky! Find smart moves, just watch this example:

Are you a Find Four pro? If you have any winning tips, share in the comments!



  1. Try to make a two way one.
    If he blocks one go the other way.

  2. Try to play chess, it will help your find four skills

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